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Newcomers Club, Inc.

Newcomers Club, Inc. extends a warm welcome to ladies
who are new to Bell County.
Through social activities, programs and interest groups,
Newcomers Club encourages friendship and provides a network
for obtaining information about the community and its services.
Membership is open to any woman who has lived
in Bell County for three years or less. Come, join in the Fun!

History of Newcomers Club

Newcomers Club was started in December of 1962 by eight women.
The Club was originally sponsored by the Temple Chamber of Commerce.
Membership in 1962 consisted of 8 ladies and their families.
In 1970, the membership grew to 53 families and 65 individuals.
Currently, Newcomers Club boasts approximately 300 members,
residing in Bell County.

Bylaws revised 2017

Luncheon Guidelines and Standing Rules

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